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FL Offer is on a mission to make it as easy to exchange your home as it is to trade-in your car. We bring certainty, convenience and cost-efficiency to home buying and selling.

FL Offer has been actively purchasing real estate in the State of Florida for more than 13 years. We have purchased over 3,500 homes since 2005 from sellers that needed to sell their home fast.

We are one of the largest and most experienced home buying companies in the State of Florida. Our company headquarters are based in Delray Beach, Florida but we buy houses all over the State of Florida. We have extensive experience in renovating homes and many of the homes that we purchase are repaired and then rented out to tenants. Some of the homes are repaired and sold.

We have an impeccable 5-star track record with great reviews, excellent testimonials and zero complaints. Our record speaks for itself. The principal of our company is an active real estate investor and licensed real estate agent and has been purchasing real estate in Florida since 2005.

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