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Offer price (example)

Selling process

Average days to close a transaction

Average days to prep and stage home

Average number of showings

Transaction costs

Average FL Offer service charge

Estimated real estate agent fees

Estimated home ownership & overlap

Repairs needed to sell home

Estimated cash before closing

Selling to FL Offer


average service charge*


Choose from 7-30 days

0 days

0 showings






Traditional home sale


average costs*


60-80 days

10-30 days

5-20 showings




$20k - $100k


Why FL Offer is better


Selling to FL Offer

Competitive cash offer in 24 hours

No listing, prep work, or showings

Skip the repair work and deduct the costs

Choose any close date from 10-60 days

Traditional home sale

Risk of buyer financing fall-through

Hours of prep work and home showings

Manage repairs yourself

Uncertain closing timeline

How we make you a competitive offer

We review the sale prices of homes like yours. We’ll share these with you in your offer.
We compare your home to the comps and adjust for differences in size, condition, and upgrades.
We’ve purchased thousands of homes, giving us a deep understanding of local trends.

Transparent pricing, no hidden fees!

Service Charge
Closings Costs

The service charge enables us to give you a stress-free sale and expert support. Repairs and closing costs are comparable to what you’d pay in a traditional sale. All three costs are deducted at close so you pay nothing out of pocket.

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Everyone has different circumstances in their life. Maybe you inherited a home but don’t have the time to deal with it and need to sell the inherited house fast. Perhaps you’re facing a foreclosure and need to sell your house fast to avoid foreclosure and save your credit.

Are You Behind On Your Mortgage?

The possibility of facing foreclosure can be terrifying. Your life is in chaos, but there is a way out!. If going through foreclosure, we have an option for you.

I Inherited A House and
I Need to Sell It.

You’ve just inherited a house and you’re feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps the house needs a lot of repairs that you can't afford, we have an option for you.

I Need To Sell My Home,
I Need Cash Fast

Each month, those pesky bills seem to pile up higher and higher. Whether you’re dealing with an expensive divorce or medical bills, we can help.

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